The Smoky God

Part I. Author's Foreword
Part II. Olaf Jansen's Story
Part III. Beyond The North Wind
Part IV. In the Under World
Part V. Among the Ice Packs
Part VI. Conclusion
Part VII. Author's Afterword


"I was left alone with the dead."
"Twenty-eight years -- long, tedious, frightful years of suffering."
"A vessel larger than our little fishing sloop could not have threaded its way among the icebergs."
"By what miracle we escaped being dashed to destruction, I do not know."
"It could hardly be said to resemble the sun except in its circular shape."
"They spoke to us in a strange langugage."
"We were brought before the Great High Priest."
"There must have been five hundred of these thunder-throated monsters."
"My father shouted:  'Breakers ahead!'"
"Less than a half mile away was a whaling vessel."
"Whereupon I was put in irons."