Virtual City of Light


​       and

 ​​         Prosperity for All

Virtual City of Light
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What will our Virtual City of Light be like?

It will be our home where: ​​
  • We can work together in harmony
  • Prosperity can be achieved for all
  • Personal integrity is the rule we live by
  • Maximum individual achievement can be realized
  • Advanced technologies can be developed
  • Families can flourish in happiness together
  • Abundance exists for all
Now YOU can belong to a community where debt does not exist, where you can have an ever increasing income, where you can work in a field that you immensely enjoy, where you can help build the kind of world you have always dreamed of living in...

As indicated, this city is a virtual city at the present time, existing only over the Internet.  As soon as our virtual City of Light is up and running efficiently, then a physical city of light will be created on the ground.  Once that physical city is running efficiently, it will duplicate itself somewhere else.  This duplication will continue thus filling our world with cities of light.  We will then expand out into outer space and to other worlds. 

Come join us...
Welcome to the Virtual City of Light.

You are hereby invited to become a citizen of the Virtual City of Light where we can work together in harmony by living our lives with integrity to build prosperity and abundance for all.

On the menu above, click on the City Charter to review the vision of what we hope to achieve and the rules we will live by to achieve that vision.